Privacy Policy


In this whole document when being referred as "we" or "us", Rectangle Development as a whole is meant with everybody responsible.
When referring to "personal data", your discord user-id and other information accessible to every other discord user is meant as well as personal information you pass on via a command usages.

Collection of Data

  1. We do not collect any kind of personal data that you didn't authorize. Messages are only processed when being asked to do so (e.g. by using one of the bulk setup commands). Data from presences (including custom statuses and others), messages contents and other personal user-generated content is not being saved in any way.
  2. Data is only collected for providing services such as premium access. For this process only your user-id is stored to provide optimal experience
  3. Data is anonymously collected for analytic purposes. This means information such as when our bot got added to a server or command usages / errors. We DO NOT connect this data to you as a user. This data is only used to optimize our services and advance the user experience.

Distribution of Data

None of your data is being distributed to anybody else, it is only used in internal processes to improve user experience and services.

Deletion of Data

All user-related data can be deleted by us on request in the support server linked in useful links section.